Friendship Bells 2018

Our goal is to develop the biggest Friendship Campaign that has happened ever in Greece!

For the 2nd consecutive year, we wish to develop the campaign “Friendship Bells”, promoting the message that “Friendship is a Gift”.

The “Friendship Bells”, promote friendships between volunteers and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities!

Colorful Friendship bells are created by a team of persons with and without intellectual disabilities who are participants in our workshop “Life Values”.  For the development of the friendship bells various materials are needed i.e. colorful beads, cords, ribbons, metallic bells and a center piece which promotes the message  “Friendship Is a Gift”.

Afterwards, these Friendship bells are placed in various places in the center of Athens.  Last year’s first approach on this campaign had very good results and our passion to promote this campaign for the second time in Athens and also in other cities of Greece, creates our need to find the necessary resources, in order to establish this event as the greatest indication of friendship!

Moreover who doesn’t need a real and true friend?!
This campaign marks the beginning of our BIG event, the Friendship Walk!